Monday, 3 October 2011

Bangla Word And Bangla Calculator free downloads.

Bangla Word --
Developed by the "Bangla Software Group" of London. The main developers are - Abdul Rahim, Amir Ahmed, Abdul Wahid and Sohidur Rahman. This is a free Bengali typing software for personal use. You can download it from here  or from here .
This software has its own keyboard layout for typing Bangla but memorizing the keys are very easy than many other Bengali keyboards that are available in the market. You can type and can do any customising into the document or can print directlly from here. Or after typing in this editor you can copy the matter and can paste them into M.S word and can do anything. It has a unique font named Amar Bangla. Bangla Word supports all Bijoy fonts.

Before using it you can have a look into this pdf file from here -

Bnngla Clculator -  
Generally we use Windows English Calculator for our work. But here is a software known as Bengali Calculator provided by Bangla Software Group. It's so easy to use this calc.

Want to download it?  visit -


  1. i can't download.can help anyone..??
    plz plz

  2. Thanks for your great, hard working and timely post.
    I am new learner of bengli language.I think first you have to choose a best online dictionary.I am learning bengali language so I nead english to bengali dictionary as well.